Awnings Norfolk

Awnings Norfolk

There are many customers who ask us about rain awnings, and therefore we will try to explain what awnings exist in the market with waterproofing capacity.

Rain awnings, as such, do not exist. They are sun awnings with characteristics that make them waterproof or rainproof.

The awning fabrics are the key to a better understanding of the concept; Waterproof tarpaulins, which differ from the normal acrylic fabric of the awning fabric.

Acrylic tarpaulins with water evacuation capacity and extra weight to avoid leaks. PVC tarpaulins, plasticized, that prevent water penetration under its layer. Technical tarpaulins designed to act as a barrier against atmospheric agents such as rain. That said, we have a superior fabric that can stop the rain, but that does not ensure the total watertightness of the area covered by an awning.

If we want an awning for rain, is this enough? It depends.  If the need is to have a rain awning simply to prevent water from wetting what is under the awning, but no matter how small leaks or drops that rebound end up soaking the area, any awning in acrylic fabric serves, without the need for special features. The more rain, the more filtration.

Superior acrylic canvas can be used, with greater waterproofing capacity up to a certain amount of milliliters.

If it is a commercial premises, PVC fabric, plasticized and waterproof, can also be used.

This improves its resistance to rain but limits its natural ventilation. This fabric is thicker and therefore does not transpire as well as acrylics (in summer it concentrates heat under its layer).

Rain awnings, alternative systems 

Wave awnings, marine or sliding awnings, with an inclination caused to evacuate the water, are the next level in terms of protection against rain.

By going on or under guides, the inclination can be given according to our needs, and the part of the fabric allows us to exceed the overhanging heights, so they improve not only the vertical fall of the water, but even allow to slow down the lateral rain in part.

The fact of being attached to a wall or on a structure allows the fixed elements to provide additional protection against rain, sun and wind. 

A clear example are the installations in attics, first floors and in restaurants, where this type of awning is the most demanded, since its relation between characteristics, price and possibilities of transformation, make it practically indispensable.

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Awnings Norfolk