Key Benefits of Accordion Shutters

accordian shutters on windowIf you live near the ocean, storm protection is something that you are used to dealing with. While a lot of storm protection processes are obvious, there are other aspects of the home that you cannot forget about. At A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters, we are proud to offer our clients accordion shutters. Accordion shutters are utilized to protect the windows, doors, balconies and patios of your home from inclement weather such as storms and hurricanes. Our team would like to share some key features of accordion shutters that you may not know about.

Added Security

Not only do our accordion shutters protect your home from mother nature, but thanks to its security feature it can protect your home from intruders as well. Our accordion shutters are equipped with a key lock and vertical locking pins, which make it very difficult for intruders to break into your home. Combining this type of protection with storm damage protection makes this investment a no brainer.

Energy Savings

If your property is vacated for months on end, our accordion shutters can help provide energy savings as well. Closing off your windows, balconies, doors, etc., provides added insulation for your home. This helps keep your home cooler when it’s not in use. Next thing you know, your monthly energy bills will be lower than they’ve been in a long time thanks to our accordion shutters.

Added Home Value

Investing in accordion shutters is something that will truly add value to your home. These accordion shutters not only help protect your home against sunlight, storms and forced entry, but they are something that many potential homebuyers are looking for when searching for their dream home. Rest assured that our accordion shutters are durable, easy to open and close and fit almost anywhere.

At A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters, we strive to provide accordion shutters that exceed the expectations of our clients. To learn more about the key features of our accordion shutters, give us a call today at (757) 463-1446.