Store Awnings Portsmouth

Store Awnings Portsmouth

If you have a large terrace at home or if you only have a small balcony or you are lucky enough to have a large garden, one of the requirements that can not miss when enjoying outdoor areas is the shade.

And to protect yourself from the sun and be outdoors whenever you want, all you need is the right awning. You have many options to choose from. Here we explain what you should consider when buying an awning.

No shade, no paradise

We all know the dangers of sun exposure without adequate protection. And, in addition to having adequate filters for the skin, it is essential to avoid radiation. A cover or awning thus becomes a key element when it comes to enjoying the terrace or garden.

But in addition to protection, an awning has other advantages. One of them is that it regulates the temperature inside, making the environment cooler and more pleasant in summer. This translates into lower energy consumption, for example, in air conditioning and, therefore, you gain in sustainability and save money on your electricity bill.

Life on the terrace

It is the center of the house as soon as spring awakens and temperatures start to rise. That's why you should install the right awning, which allows you to spend a lot of time on the terrace.

Opt for a model with extendable or articulated arms. Once fully deployed can create a shaded area of up to 4 square meters.

In specialized stores you have them ready to install, in different sizes, or you can also order them made to measure.

A balcony model

When deciding which type of awning is the most suitable for you, it is important to pay attention so that the choice is the best possible, especially if the facade is facing south or west, which are the ones that receive more hours of sunshine throughout the day.

For larger or smaller balconies, folding awnings, equipped with arms that are attached to the railing and can be placed in two positions, are suitable:

Vertical: the balcony is closed and greater protection from the wind is achieved.

Projected forward: a greater opening is achieved and also more ventilation and view of the outside.

Choosing the design

If you live in a detached house, such as a single-family home, you will have no problem choosing the awning you like best.

However, if your house is located inside a housing development or a building, you will have to stick to what the community of owners has decided in terms of colors or patterns.

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Store Awnings Portsmouth