Store Awnings Virginia

Store Awnings Virginia

An awning is a staple on terraces and gardens during the summer or winter. Here's everything you need to know before choosing yours, from how much it costs and the material to choose.

Which awning is best for which space or terrace?

For small windows, canopy awnings are best. On balconies, the curtain models, which have folding arms fixed to a railing, so you can put it in a vertical position. If your terrace is large, articulated arm awnings are a good choice, for their stability and precision.

With cassette, what a great idea!

There are three types of awnings for the terrace depending on their structure: with cassette, with semi-cassette or without it. The cassette awning is the most resistant and the one without is the least resistant. When in closed position, the mechanism with cassette fully protects both the fabric and the structure and that gives longer life to the awning.

Do you know the kit awnings?

You can buy a kit that includes the structure of the aluminum awning, a crank, wall bases and screws and thus avoid installation costs because you will assemble it yourself.

Motorized awnings, all comfort

In just a few seconds, the awning lowers to the height of the terrace you want. It does so thanks to the motorized system, which you can easily install, even on an awning you already have. In addition to being more comfortable, the canvas is perfectly tensioned and the awning lasts longer, as the openings and closings are smoother. In the image we see a control of the brand A&A Awnings & Storm Shutters.

The best awning fabrics

The awning fabric for your patio awning should effectively block the sun. Among the different types of fabrics, we find polyester, the cheapest option, but it lasts less and the colors wear out sooner. Acrylics filter 80% of UV rays and resist wind and rain well. Finally, micro-perforated fabrics are also perfect, as they filter 94% of UV rays and have the best ventilation.

Color matters!

The darker the color of the awning, the more sun protection it offers to the terrace, but it darkens the environment by casting more shadows. You can use light canvases if there is ventilation, as in a pergola.

Care to make them last longer

Now that the good weather is starting, open the awning on the terrace and wash it with a hose, on both sides. The water pressure will help you remove debris and stains. If it is a window awning, you can use a water sprayer and scrub with a brush. Use a neutral soap (never use chemical or abrasive products) and sponge the entire mechanism from time to time. This will make it last longer. 

Why buying an A&A Awnings & Storm Shutters brand awning is the best choice?

In A&A Awnings & Storm Shutters we are at your disposal to design and create the best awning to suit your needs. We are manufacturers and our 40 years of experience makes us leaders in the industry. We sell more than a product, we offer an experience. 

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A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters is a family owned and operated company that specializes in the design and manufacture of awnings and shutters for domestic and commercial outdoor spaces. Our products are ideal for seasons when nature is inclement due to high temperatures or severe storms. 

By accessing one of our products you will not only be accessing a quality good, but an experience of beautification and protection for your home. 

In our virtual catalog you will find: the best hurricane shutters to protect your home from storms, storm straps and storm caps on awnings, and inexpensive hurricane shutters that will protect your home from storms. 

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Store Awnings Virginia