Bahama Shutters

Shutters to choose from such as High-Impact Shutters that can protect from storms and hurricanes, High Visibility and Decorative Bahama Shutters, traditional or Colonial style Bahama Shutters and more.

Bahama shutters

Let the fresh Mid-Atlantic air and coastal sunlight race into your space with customized Bahama Shutters from A&A Awnings!

For a specially-designed solution for fully covering windows, consider personally selected exterior Aluminum Bahama Shutters. Unlike traditional shutters that open outward horizontally, these are hinged at the top and add a unique method for controlling how much light and air comes into a room. You can adjust these shutters to their full extent, creating an opening between them and the window, and leave them propped like that for a strong accent on any style of building.

Installation is simple. Using a continuous aluminum hinge (included with purchase), the shutter fits into place over the window, with the “stay bar” that is included underneath to hold the shutters at an angle over your window. These shutters come with a comprehensive warranty but they are also inherently good at preventing corrosion because of the premium finish that is applied.

Customize the look and style of your Bahama Shutters!

You Choose Your Coverage Style:

In addition, you can purchase the size of a Bahama Shutter so they fit over however many individual windows you want to cover on one wall, with one, two, three or four shuttered sections defined by vertical mullions within one unified frame around the shutter.

Exterior decorative aluminum and Impact Rated Bahama Shutters are usually attached at the top of the window and angle down over the window. This style of exterior Bahama Shutters for sale is different than traditional shutter pairs that go beside the window. The purpose of Bahama Shutters is to give protection from the sun and at the same time allow you to view the landscape through the shutters from inside your house. When angled properly this sun protection should be realized while protecting your view. One added benefit of these Bahama Shutters for sale is that you can remove the prop arms when you want them to close down over the window and lock down.

Types of Bahama Shutters to choose from:

  • High Visibility Bahama Shutters
  • High Impact Bahama Shutters
  • Decorative High Visibility Low Profile
  • Colonial Bahama Shutters
  • Board & Batten
  • Raised Panel Colonial
  • 3 Wave Blade
  • HVTM Low Profile

Features & Benefits:

Standard Items

  • Side hinges
  • Telescoping arms and brackets
  • Storm bars as necessary
  • High quality power-coated paint finish

Optional Items

  • Low Profile frame available with variety of louvers/blades
  • Louver styles: 1” , 1.25” , 2” , or Z-blade (decorative/shade only)
  • Heavy duty frames for impact resistance
  • Louver styles: BerthaTM Impact of High Visibility (impact rated)
  • Welded frames & customized mullion configurations
  • Arched application with approved details
  • Tie downs & locking rods

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