Hanger Rod Canopies

Hanger Rod Canopies – Suspended Aluminum Awnings

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Our Extruded Aluminum Hanger Rod Canopies have been engineered to maximize efficiency of production, thus providing an excellent value while still allowing a wide range of attractive design options. We combine structural channels, tubes and angles to fabricate virtually any fascia design. These Suspended Canopies feature integrated gutters with your choice of downspouts or scuppers. Canopies can be cantilevered from building walls or supported by adjustable hanger rods. Hanger rod mounting plates come in a variety of standard precision machined designs, or can be engineered to your own custom specification. Finish choices include custom powder coating, aluminum anodizing and fluoropolymer coatings with warranties up to 20 yrs.

Hanger Rod Canopies…

are substantial and built to last. They are made of 6063-T6 aluminum (hanger rods are available in both steel and aluminum). They are decked with our .078 inch thick interlocking pans which appear flush when viewed from beneath. Fascia material choices include Aluminum Structural channels up to 12” tall. 

Create a powerful impression with the Hanger Rod Canopy

hanger rod canopy
hanger rod awnings for home

These wall mounted canopies are perfect cantilevered awnings for commercial or residential use.

IDEAL USES: Entryways, Retail Stores/ Shopping Centers, Loading Docks, Offices, Residential Complexes

MODELS: Mapes Extruded Super Lumideck, Americana Building Products Imperial Marquee, Perfection Architectural Systems, and others


  • Pre-engineered
  • Economical
  • Custom escutcheon, hanger rod and fascia options
  • High load
  • Retail/branding application
  • Custom colors
  • Overhead supported, no posts
  • Internal drainage
  • Flexible hanger rod spacing

Here is a Schematic of the Hanger Rod Canopy

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