Retractable Awnings

Life is Better in the Shade™ of a Retractable Awning from A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters

At Home, Retractable awnings extend your backyard fun and allow you to escape sun and rain in your own shady oasis. It transforms your backyard into an extended living area where the transition from sunny to shady is as easy as a click on your remote control of your motorized retractable awning. Have company over and let the kids spill out onto the lawn, as you enjoy a shaded retreat for you and your guests at your next barbeque or outdoor party.

Protect your home’s interior furnishings from UV ray damage and reduce your energy bills by extending your retractable porch awning on sunny days. Brighten your home’s interior on dreary days by easily retracting your awning—all at a push of a button.

Retractable AwningFind out more about Residential Retractable Awnings HERE.

Retractable commercial awnings allow businesses to temporarily extend their shop or restaurant square footage at a fraction of the cost of building on. Awnings are perfect for outdoor eating areas, temporary merchandise promotions or to protect patrons from sun or drizzle. A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters has the best commercial awning prices for the top-quality awning products we offer.

Choosing Your Fabric:

Your A&A Rep will physically show you sample materials to choose from so you can get an exact idea of how the patterns, colors and materials look. He or she will also assist in guiding you to pick out a fabric design that will compliment your home or building structure too. In the meantime however, you can browse this nice selection of available fabrics here!

We use high-quality fabrics from Sunbrella Fabrics for our retractable awnings

Find out more about Commercial Retractable Awnings HERE.

As a manufacturer, we are able to provide custom-built awnings for commercial buildings in a wide variety of sizes and fabrics, made to the exact specifications you need, and professionally installed with exceptional precision.