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Save 15% On Custom-Crafted Motorized Awnings for Your Unique Home in Hampton Roads.


Transform your outdoor space with our locally made, motorized awnings.


  • 🏡 Tailored for Your Home: Every awning is custom-made to complement your home’s architecture.
  • ☀️ Enjoy Outdoor Living: Extend your living space comfortably, regardless of the weather.
  • 🛠️Local Craftsmanship: Proudly designed and manufactured in Hampton Roads.
  • 💡 Energy Efficient: Reduce cooling costs with strategically placed awnings.
  • 💰 15% off during our Early Season Sale. Offer Ends Soon. *
  • 💰 Also, Get a $100 Amazon Gift card if you refer a friend (and it becomes a sale) after your purchase. (offer only valid to A&A customers who book with us through this offer)

At A&A Awnings, we understand the distinct needs of Hampton Roads homeowners. Let us enhance your living experience with awnings that promise durability, elegance, and a perfect fit for your home.

  • *15% off offer not valid on prior sales. Some restrictions may apply such as difficulty of installation, location, need for a hood, etc. Up to $2500 in savings based on awning size. Offer applicable to multiple awnings booked within the same sale during time of offer, commercial or residential.

How Much Does a Custom Retractable Awning Cost?

Based on a common 16’x12′ retractable awning, materials, assembly and installation regularly cost $5300. With this offer, on average you would pay approximately $4500, equating to a 15+% off on your custom motorized retractable awning from A&A!!!
(common example based on no need for a hood, easy-to-access location. Not an official offer, but a rough example to show savings being offered)

Save Up To $2,500!

We Serve the greater Mid-Atlantic region, including Virginia, D.C. and the Outer Banks of N.C.

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