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Increase Curb Appeal with Bahama Shutters

At A&A Awning and Storm Shutters, we love a beautiful Bahama Shutter. Bahama shutters are the perfect way to increase your curb appeal while also giving your home or business an added layer of protection. If you are in the market for shutters, consider the many benefits of our Bahama shutters at A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters.

The Beauty of Bahama Shutters

It’s no surprise that Bahama shutters are inspired by a traditional Caribbean design. These beautiful shutters are bold while also being extremely functional. A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters is proud to offer a variety of different Bahama shutter styles and colors that fit the best with your property. Whether you are trying to make a bright and bold statement or looking for more of a traditional or Colonial style look, our Bahama shutters can add that look and increase your curb appeal instantly. We provide a variety of Bahama Shutter styles which include:
bahama shutters obx

  • High Visibility Bahama Shutters
  • High Impact Bahama Shutters
  • Decorative High Visibility Low Profile
  • Colonial Bahama Shutters
  • Board & Batten
  • Raised Panel Colonial
  • 3 Wave Blade
  • HVTM Low Profile

Bahama Shutter Durability & Functionality

While the look of our Bahama shutters alone can increase that curb appeal, it’s the durability and functionality that really draws people in. Our Bahama shutters are attached to the exterior using a top hinge. This way the shutters can swing out at the bottom and allow a nice breeze or sunlight to flood in should you choose. For this reason, you control just how much light and air comes into your rooms. Our Bahama shutters have an exterior Aluminum which is built to last. We apply a premium high-quality powder-coat paint finish to prevent any corrosion and keep your shutters looking fresh and beautiful.

Ready to learn more about your Bahama shutters? Increase your curb appeal with our high- quality Bahama shutters today! Give A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters a call today at (757) 463-1446.

Protect Your Home with Storm Shutters

Looking to protect your home and increase its value? At A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters, we have the knowledge, experience and quality materials to give you that added protection and keep your home safe.

Durable Storm Shutters

Serving the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Virginia Beach and all of Hampton Roads, we provide the highest quality of storm shutters available. We utilize extra strength housing and rails and add strong slats to ensure the highest protection no matter what the season may be. We understand that your beloved home is near the coast and so for those reasons, we use stainless hardware to prevent corrosion as well as powder coating after cutting all the outer surfaces. We do this so that your storm shutters will last longer and perform better.

Added Security with Storm Shutters

Storm shutters are a measure that every home along the coastline needs. Our insulated security shutters are designed to protect your home no matter what type of threat comes to your home. Our security shutters are made to fend off intrusion, heat, wind, hurricanes and whatever else mother nature has to offer. Additionally, it helps black solar heat, like UV rays, and helps to keep your energy costs down and your insulation levels up.

Quality Storm Shutters

At A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters, we are here to help you. We provide the best storm protection available and give you that needed peace of mind when it comes to protecting your home. All of our storm shutters either meet or exceed the rigorous Miami-Dade and Outer Banks building code standards. When you meet with our professionals, we will give you advice on what will protect your home best while staying within your budget.

As the largest provider of industry-leading hurricane shutters, we will help you find exactly what you need to protect your home properly with storm shutters. For more information about our high-quality storm shutters and our process here at A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters, contact us today at 757-463-1446.

Key Benefits of Accordion Shutters

accordian shutters on windowIf you live near the ocean, storm protection is something that you are used to dealing with. While a lot of storm protection processes are obvious, there are other aspects of the home that you cannot forget about. At A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters, we are proud to offer our clients accordion shutters. Accordion shutters are utilized to protect the windows, doors, balconies and patios of your home from inclement weather such as storms and hurricanes. Our team would like to share some key features of accordion shutters that you may not know about.

Added Security

Not only do our accordion shutters protect your home from mother nature, but thanks to its security feature it can protect your home from intruders as well. Our accordion shutters are equipped with a key lock and vertical locking pins, which make it very difficult for intruders to break into your home. Combining this type of protection with storm damage protection makes this investment a no brainer.

Energy Savings

If your property is vacated for months on end, our accordion shutters can help provide energy savings as well. Closing off your windows, balconies, doors, etc., provides added insulation for your home. This helps keep your home cooler when it’s not in use. Next thing you know, your monthly energy bills will be lower than they’ve been in a long time thanks to our accordion shutters.

Added Home Value

Investing in accordion shutters is something that will truly add value to your home. These accordion shutters not only help protect your home against sunlight, storms and forced entry, but they are something that many potential homebuyers are looking for when searching for their dream home. Rest assured that our accordion shutters are durable, easy to open and close and fit almost anywhere.

At A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters, we strive to provide accordion shutters that exceed the expectations of our clients. To learn more about the key features of our accordion shutters, give us a call today at (757) 463-1446.

Why Install a Retractable Awning?

Residential Retractable AwningDo you have an outdoor space that you’d like to be able to spend more time taking advantage of? Do you wish that this space could sometimes be covered protecting you during the strong hours of sun or during a rainstorm? At A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters, we’ve got the perfect option for you. It’s time for you to install a retractable awning and our goal today is to explain why!

Leaves You with Options

What is so great about a retractable awning is that it leaves you with options. There may be certain times during the day where you’d prefer to not have an awning overtop of your outdoor space. However, when you do need coverage, our retractable awnings allow you to quickly receive that coverage that you’re in need of. Many homeowners love our retractable awning because it allows them to temporarily extend their coverage whenever it may be too sunny or rainy. Hosting a party? Installing a retractable awning will allow you to have a shaded retreat location for any of your guests looking for relief from the sun or inclement weather.

Great Resale Value

Potential homeowners are always looking for things that may set one property apart from the others. This is another great reason why installing a retractable awning is a wonderful idea. Our team at A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters will install a professional retractable awning that will wow the eyes of your potential homebuyers should you ever decide to put your house on the market. You can count on your retractable awning that our dedicated staff installs to be made with high quality material that not only provides protection, but also adds unique elegance to your property.

If you are looking for a team of expert retractable awning installers to handle this home improvement project for your home, it’s time to reach out to A&A Awnings and Storm Shutters. To request a quote, contact us today at (757) 463-1446.