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42 days until Spring!

Awning Fabric: What Material Measures Up?

Add Curb Appeal With Awnings

“I had new installs coincident with some warranty work honored. Great product; well constructed. Very helpful/ responsive staff- estimate & sales, installation and followup. I’ve already recommended to others who’ve been pleased with A&A and will do so again.”- William Deaver

“The installers arrived within their designated time period. They were polite, friendly and knowledgeable while installing the awning.

I have been wanting this awning for such a long time and when I decided to order, I asked my friend the name of the company who installed their awning. She and her husband were excited to recommend A&A Awnings.

The awning looks so nice and adds to the comfort of my back deck.

I thank all involved with making, installing and planning the awning for me.” – Anita H.

Fall Foliage Report

Virginia Beach anglers were shark fishing off Rudee Inlet when they hooked a great white

Irma raining down on three states after leaving Florida. Hampton Roads watching Hurricane Jose.

How to Understand Hurricane Spaghetti Models

Hurricane Irma

Protect your life and property! Stay up to date on the track of the hurricane: